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Originally Posted by albert999 View Post
Nobody beats me on frugality, I pick up the microwaves that don't work , tear them apart, they have two good sized round magnets that can be used in projects.
Yeah, that was right before I started scrapping metal. Not on big scale, just with my old stuff. I got two huge magnets out of some speakers. but what to do with them, I have no idea. I made one refrigerator magnet out of a small magnet I had. I'm the opposite of a craftsy type. My instinct is to take small useless shit and smash it, not turn it into something.

If you have a use for magnets, let me know.

I stripped all my small wires for copper. That's not particularly worth the effort with very small things, but there's also the exercise value. Then you have transformers, heat sinks and such. Even scrap iron such as in computer cage is worth a little something, .10 a pound or .30. Aluminum cans are worth .50 at moment. Were .70 a few years ago. Almost every kind of metal is worth a little something. Brass and copper are worth a good deal, a buck or two bucks per pound. It's new to me and interesting, but I have finally triaged all my old electronics gear, freeing up space and making a few bucks. The main thing I have is books, and selling half of them will really bring the space bang-per-buck.

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