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Originally Posted by Crowe View Post
I used to have an old honda civic, early 80s model that I paid $400 for. Wasn't getting enough airflow so I pulled the catalytic converter off and welded in some pipe in its place, and found out the damn thing was worth $200 at the scrapyard. They said it had platinum, palladium, and a few other rare earth minerals in it.

Just like how copper thievery has increased in recent years, there have been people around my area going around and stealing catalytic converters and taking them to scrap yards.
Yep. I seem to recall there was a plague of thefts of ccs in California when they had the law. Might be a little off, but something like that.

I think it was last year they caught a couple toothless White trash meth head trailer parkers that went into a used car lot and removed about 10 catalytic converters off of cars. And they were retarded enough to try and scrap them all at the same yard at the same time, which was how they got caught.

Occasionally people might give old junkers that no longer run away for free to people who just haul them off. Someone gave me an old subaru wagon, early 80s model that had the engine locked up in it, and it had the catalytic converter in it. I removed the fuel tank, then took it down and had it all scrapped. Made about $300 for a few hours of work.
Yeah, any car, even the lightest, can probably bring $200 for metal alone, not even talking about parting it out, if you know how.