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Default Don't donate to Salvation Army

I guess I didn't follow my own advice about just throwing things away. The other day I took some things to my local Salvation Army, and this big dykey-looking broad store manager was an absolute asshole to me about the mask thing. I stepped literally six inches inside their warehouse to drop my things off and this bitch was right in my face about putting a mask on (there is no requirement to wear one outside a building in NV). I just blew up at her because I'm so fucking sick of this bullshit after a whole year of it and told her that. She said, "Don't come back again!" I replied I sure as hell won't and drove off. Yeah, that's the thanks I get for trying to donate something. And I've been coming to that store for years buying things, too. Well, I'm done with that. More fuckwads getting off over their little bit of authority, and this christard dyke probably believes all the coronavirus propaganda, too.
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