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Mike Rowlins
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Mike Rowlins
Talking Oh I learned

Oh I learned a profound radical political life lesson from just watching political events unfold around the world, we've had the antifascist brigade marching through our streets chanting "One Solution - Revolution"

And so then we all get to watch as the home of the Soviet KGB & GRU is liberated by Ukrainian Separatist Forces in a Revolution and they dump the Mana-fort & Trump Dossier for the world to look at.

When the loyal Schutzstaffel ousted heir Oblast Viktor Yushchenko from his political office by marching in giving all the anti-fascist fags exactly what they where all screaming about, there precious "Revolution" and the response from Russia is wonderful, beautiful and glorious...

"These are my enemies!" he gasps and then starts screaming on the world stage as it slowly dawns that there the anti-communist - fascist socialist brigade!

Known collectively as the Azov Battalion and the (Ukrainian: Ідея Nації, Ideya Natsii).

Now that's what you call Social Justice!