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Woodpecker Those Really Silly PC Labels

Binary Arithmetic (founded by the German, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, in 1703) uses only 1 and 0. Binary ultimately means “two” (in computer language, it means “off” and “on” with “0” meaning “off” or no flow of electricity, and “1” meaning “on” or a flow of electricity). So, this guy is a “non-two”?? So, he’s a three? A four? A five? A ten? What??? It’s so confusing. Maybe that’s the idea? To confuse people? Or, why not just say, “I’m very confused and you should be, too”??

“Two years ago, I came out as a nonbinary trans person. Expressing my true gender identity did not immediately fix my relationship with vulnerability, but it led me to delve deeper into what vulnerability is and how it can operate.”


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