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Originally Posted by Serbian View Post

The artificial globalist NWO project known as 'Bosnia-Herzegovina' will NEVER be a functioning state. No amount of American, European and Muslim money will turn it into one.
Bosnia must be devided, people from some regions must be relocated. This invented state is not working, it is cage for Croats and serbs, and in all that mess muslims are one who take profit.

Bosnia is invented state by Tito and communists in 1943.

Bosniaks are invented nation in 1996. by English masonery.

I dont understand why English masonery since 1850. trying to make some multi-kulti land on Balcan penisula. 15 different small/big nations live there, they canot be incaged to some fagg in London can brag himself on masonery Lodge...every attempt is ended in fiasco...Bosnia will be fail again!
Tomislav (Tom) Sunic is a Croatian author, former diplomat, and political theorist of the New Right.

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