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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[even for jezebel, whose standards are pie in the sky high, this is pretty damn near comedically insuperable]

@Caputloosa: Hummingbirds are my greatest fear (seriously. I know it's ridiculous intellectually, but they're just so twitchy and have needles on the front of their faces!) and those look especially sinister.

@SunburnedCounsel: Seriously? I freaking love hummingbirds. I could sit out in my back yard for hours watching them fly around and eat from their feeders.

@feathernotdot: totally serious. I know other people love them, but my great fear, because eyes look liquid to them, is one flying into my eye. I have to wear sunglasses if I think they might even be anywhere around. The way they move makes shivers go down my spine