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Originally Posted by Oma Temmer View Post
If it helps you feel better, during WWII the US helped the (heavily Serb) Partisans drive out the ethnic Germans from Yugoslavia and turned a blind eye to the packing of mass graves in concentration camp after concentration camp with their corpses (especially across Vojvodina) leaving some few thousands left in the country when previous to the war the population of Germans in Yugoslavia was about 500,000, mostly in Vojvodina and Slavonia. After those half a million Germans were gone, their homes were resettled with people such as Serbs (probably gratis), who later were driven out of places of past German settlement like Slavonia in the 1990s.

But be of good cheer - you still have Vojvodina as nearly 100% free of Germans and Serbs settled in very nicely.

Of course you probably have no idea of this as the ethnic German presence in Yugoslavia from the days of the Habsburg Empire has been wiped out of history books in spite of German contributions in literature, art, and architecture as Tito declared them all enemies of the state and citizens of the Reich and thus persona non grata. All that Baroque architecture across Croatia and Serbia didn't just appear out of nowhere.
The US and British turned their backs on the Chetnik Royalists and embraced the Croatian Tito and his partizans who then proceeded to ethnically cleanse Serbs and Italians from their lands. Dalmatia and Istria was cleansed of Italians and given to Croatia while Kosovo was cleansed of Serbs and then given to shiptars. Also Croats were not punished for their crimes against Serbs nor was Croatia ever required to pay any reparations. Croats got the German homes and land in Slavonia too and in Vojvodina it was Serbian and Hungarian.

Also just to add Germans were relative newcomers to Vojvodina .when Hungarians arrived in central Europe Vojvodina was exclusively settled by Slavs(Serbs) not Germans. Having said that of course I dont support what the Croat communist Tito did after WW2 removing Germans, but it must also be said that many of the Germans chose to leave as they didn't want to live under Croat communist Tito who their British Germanic brothers helped install in Yugoslavia. Brits ruined massacred and destroyed Germany not Serbs buddy. Serbs were minding their own business in their own land.

And keep in mind Germans were expelled by Croatian communist Tito not by the Serbian king, under who they lived peacefully.

Also Tito's communists murdered hundreds of thousands of Serbs who were sympathetic to the monarchy so this victimhood goes both ways
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