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Originally Posted by Serbian View Post
Also Croats were not punished for their crimes against Serbs nor was Croatia ever required to pay any reparations. Croats got the German homes and land in Slavonia too and in Vojvodina it was Serbian and Hungarian.
Croatia lost independence and was gifted in the bloody hands of Serbian communists. All representatives of Croat elite were either exterminated or expelled or persecuted, your people commited massacres in Bleiburg (with support of Brits) and across the whole Slovenia and Croatia.
If Uncle Joe and his partisan brothers lost the fight and chetniks won, same would happen anyway, just the labels and flags of Serbian empire would be slightly different.

Originally Posted by Serbian View Post
Also just to add Germans were relative newcomers to Vojvodina
It doesn't justify your people who murdered Danubia Swabs for being German.
However the mutual hatred between germans and Serbs existed before WWII, in your kingdom their rights were restricted.
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