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Originally Posted by Serbian View Post
Skabrnja was a legit military operation
If you think that the Škabrnja massacre was a legitimate military operation, then there’s not much more I can say. I’ll just let our readers draw their own conclusions.

You as clandestine supporter of NATO/ZOG occupation of Serbia can rest easily knowing these facts

You are a total fraud 'Stuart'.
See, folks, this is the problem with Serbian nationalists: they’re completely unable to tolerate any dissent from their own views. I stated that I understand that war crimes were committed against Serbs during the wars, and that these crimes were deplorable, but apparently that’s not enough because in order to earn the respect of Serbian nationalists you have to proclaim that the Serbian side was totally innocent and never committed any kind of atrocities.

Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. It has always been my aim to get along with all VNN posters (except for obvious pro-jewish trolls/propagandists), but I’m not going to sacrifice my intellectual integrity just to get a couple of thumbs up from Serbian members. If that makes me a "total fraud", then so be it.

You know its funny what a contradiction your politics is. You claim to support the Donbass rebels and be opposed to Maidan while at the same time supporting Maidans in ex Yugoslavia . The jew instigated war in Yugo was our Maidan
There’s no hypocrisy here. I support the pro-Russian separatists for wanting to leave the corrupt jewish gangster state of Ukraine, just like I supported the Slovenes and the Croats for wanting to leave the artificial NWO monstrosity known as Yugoslavia. (It obviously wasn’t the jews who manipulated them into trying to break free.)

You friend Bernard Henri Levy also has long history of anti Serbian activity as you know.
Oh, Bernard-Henri LÚvy isn’t my friend. In fact, I have called out this jewish war monger several times here on VNN. In my thread about Italian politics I criticized him for defending the leftist terrorist and convicted murderer Cesare Battisti, and in my thread about the globalist jew-lackey and Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron, I wrote about how LÚvy and his fellow jew Nicolas Sarkozy were some of the main instigators of the disgraceful war against Libya.

And it wasn't Shlomo's Hollywood portraying croats as evil Nazis but Serbs. Hymie was pumping them out and no doubt you were very impressed 'Stuart'
I know that mainstream media pumped out a lot of anti-Serbian articles and news segments in the 1990s, but that doesn’t change the fact that Croatia’s jewish community, as well as the Jewropean Jewnion, attack Croatian (and Italian) nationalists while supporting and defending Serbs living in Croatia, and they want the Croatian authorities to prosecute their own people for criticizing Serbs and gypsies.