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To begin with, why would they bother with such a labor intensive project, a ten cent bullet or herding them to a remote open field in the middle of no where, not using a bug spray, but a fast kill with a lethal gas using a crop duster plane, would have been far cheaper and faster. Zyklon B was a relatively weak pesticide the USA used as well used in the cargo hold of all imported goods, until it came up with a better pesticide. It's a rhetorical question. They would NOT and did not use any gas let alone a relatively weak and inefficient pesticide, and they did NOT operate homicidal gassum chambers, they had delousing chambers for fleas to disinfect clothing. People need to to SNAP OUT of the JEW BRAINWASHING. REMEMBER...if what the Jews say is true, they would not have to have LAWS to ENFORCE it and silence those who point out the utter absurdity of the so-called "holocaust" of the Jews.