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Originally Posted by Hugo Böse View Post
You´re welcome. Regarding, black pills, I hear ya, bro, black pills everywhere and no end in sight.
Well, what's black pilling to me is, even though I have some basic and even intermediate tech skills, I'm so dumb when it comes to smartphone because I never had one and it's a bit different than a PC. Been thinking of getting one, but now I may just opt to get another flip phone, even though they are seriously over-priced. And I have my doubts those are any safer these days.

But even the procedures for PCs that he lays out on other videos that you have to follow to help make yourself "safer", it just bums me out because I hate the idea that I have to worry about that shit at all. I can do it, but it makes using a PC a chore.

I've watched quite a few vids of his since you posted that and I feel my best bet is to throw my PC (and even my flip phone) out the fucking window.

He black pilled me hard. But I'll get over it.