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Default Support for Serbian Action

Support Serbian Action and Freedom for Filip!!!

SA is Nationalist Orthodox Movement and Serbian government fear from N.S. Movements, so they arrested SA Activist because they want and they are determined to crush National-Socialism in Serbia, but We wont give up! Filip is arrested because of spreading ''Racial and Religious hate'' flyers and paper advertise for People of Serbia about gypsie question, Serbian anti-government posters and flyers against immigration to Serbia! What is so Bad if We love our Race, this is something positive, not bad!!! However, Srbsko Svitanje support Filip, We shall never change our opinion and We will continue struggle against Zionism! Love Fatherland and love to your Nation is not wrong, it is Honour to be National-Socialist in those difficult days for Ideology and every Individual pro- Nationalist Europeans!
Serbian Down or Srbsko Svitanje is Project where all National-Socialist are Welcome! Serbs in Serbia are discriminated, we dont have freedom of speech, until traitors and sick minds have own non/government sector and they speak about Serbs as Genocid Nation, what We are not, We want just what is Our Serbian soil and territorial rights in our Land!
Enough of immigration terror!!!

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