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Originally Posted by dkfrommn
What do you think about a broader National Separatist Party-- One that not only supports the 5 Northwest Migration States, but also an independent Deseret/ Utah for Mormons, Soverign indian tribes, the Alaskan Indepence Party, the Free State Project in Vermont, etc., etc.

I would be all for it, since I am an Agrarian, and oppose absolutely both the industrial capitalism foisted upon us by the Juden and the type of nationalism that we have historically had in this country, founded, as it was, by Freemasonic race-traitorous dupes.

I believe every current state (including our original Confederate states, which you neglected to mention) should be a sovereign, independent republic. That way, if the government ever gets out of control, we won't have so far to go to hang the bastards.