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Originally Posted by Steve B View Post
That's good stuff, one of your best.
Thanks, I think it makes a good case, and one I have not seen rebutted. Nor has what I advise been attempted. I think the reason it has not been attempted is the default position, even for racialists, is courteous, cautious, respectful. At least for the high-IQ racialists. Trapped in their British cultural ways (America's cultural ways are British in origin), American WN brains are unable to get past personality to principle. This is where the Germans have us beat. This, not in the regalia, is where learning from and copying the Germans makes sense. Take the personality out of it. Take an objective look at what helps or hinders our cause, and proceed accordingly. Now, fair point is not always clear what helps/hinders, but I rejoin with the cliche that always doing X produces the same failed results, try a different approach. Which is what I advocate: a different approach. Try not praising Buchanan but attacking him - not only will it help you, it will help Buchanan's ilk. They'll either grow balls or they'll shrivel up and die. All must be done to force these sad pathetics with one foot on the pier of respectable conservatism and one foot in the boat of radicalism to make a choice or fall in the water. (I wish someone would make a cartoon of this. Show Canny Sammy positioned such, half off a pier laden with delicious pies, and other foot in bass boat headed for freedom island. Something like that.)

The WASP-American racialists can't grasp that because he likes the cut of Buchanan's jib doesn't mean the little fellow is on our side, nor that his work doesn't hurt us.

Compounded in here is perhaps the beaten-child syndrome. Even though his parents beat him, they were all he knew growing up, so he loves and returns to them. So it is with WN and conservatism. The real thing being unallowed in the papers, the conservatives were the first love of most of us, when we were green and assumed that the papers were where lies and truth did battle, rather than lies and lies.

I am going to write an essay on the mistaken concept of 'gateways' at some point. A lot of people are hung up on that point. It's a version of the cock crows before the sunrise, therefore his crowing causes the sunrise. Fallacy.

Isn't the fact that Patsy is part of the fake opposition self-evident? He works for MSNBC, is published in most if not all major jew newspapers, has written numerous books...some of them best sellers and is a millionaire because of it.
No. Not to people like Starr. It is possible she is a troll, her mission to obscure the diff between conservatism and WN, but likelier is she's representative of a class of tens of millions of ordinary whites who don't like the way the country is headed. To that ilk, Buchanan offers a plausible explanation and a plausible way out. You actually have to think and investigate to understand Buchanan's and the conservatives' role in the whole scheme and system. It is not inherently obvious, especially not to people who don't think and investigate, and that covers at least nine out of ten people. To get as many of the Starr ilk back, we have to scream and shout - make it clear that he ain't us, he and his ain't got nothing. Hell, even they now use the term faileocon.

You don't break into something without swagger. Making your rational points is dandy but it doesn't turn heads and puncture maidens. Can't we learn from masters? What did Hitler say about masses? They're feminine. They need a strong lead. Buchanan is a plausible strong lead. When "our" side is praising him, all that does is reinforce that he has a plausible solution to the problems he discusses. I don't know whether "our" guys think they're just being fair, or they can't get over loving their "gateway" drug, or they just can't get over their inherent bourgeois respect for fame and money, but it doesn't matter: Buchanan is not us. Support for Buchanan comes directly out of our funds and our mindshare. Everything we do should take pains to separate ourselves from the conservatives. We should attack the liberals simultaneously, but we needn't separate ourselves as no one mistakes them for us, because 95% of what we say and the judeo-left says are radically opposed. Whereas with the conservatives, there's probably at least fifty percent overlap. The master's other principle? Propaganda must be dumb enough to reach the lowest IQ you're shooting for. Simple and repetitive messages win the day. That's how we've always done it at VNN, so that everybody on the Net knows our position. Even when they're on our side and mocking it, they know EXACTLY where we stand. Who else can that be said of?

Now ask yourself, why is the former Republican presidential contender treated differently by the main stream jews media than David Duke.
Yes, that's logical. It's also more thinking than 95% of the audience is prepared to do, or capable of doing. People in America are driven by personality and emotion. Most people are so dumb that they are pleased when they can figure out what they're supposed to think of something - ie, identify our position as "hate." They're pleased as punch they figured it out! Far from them to question the source of the judgment or whose agenda it pushes. Authority is right because it is authority. That is exactly how women think, and most men, the masses of Hitler's observation, are women.

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