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Good Thread, and Alex made some great Posts. Very enjoyable reading. A good case is made that Conservatives are competitors. Yes they are. I do not think otherwise. The fact that many WNs come out of conservative ranks makes the proposition to condemn them a bit awkward.

What are we aligned with, the left? I may be the only WN left who does see things in left and right, certainly not the hocus pocus of ‘Third Positionist’, which is hardly a position at all, more like a “don’t ask me what I am and, I won’t tell you” policy.
We are right. Right is reality orientation. Left is fantasy/will orientation - the trantrum position. Conservatism is reality orientation coupled with cowardice or stupidity, resulting in truckling before or being fooled by the real powers that be into accepting or adopting what is actually the leftist position (race doesn't exist, warmongering is conservative, etc - the jewish-agenda position on the deep questions). WN is reality orientation minus cowardice and stupidity, at least on the big questions. There is simply no honest or logical intellectual way to be a conservative and at the same time say race has nothing to do with conservatism. Only shills and sellouts say otherwise, and they know better. Only dupes incapable of logical thought are fooled by such lies. More of them would see the light if there were a larger group asserting the truth, but right now to many of those who could reach them, instead of pointing out where Buchanan et al are wrong, are praising them for being right. Asinine.

Rather than formulate an opinion when I don’t know where this line of thought is going, let me ask questions instead:

1. What is the action to attack the conservatives called for, that is, what form will it take?
If you ever read anything I've written you can see it in practice. Mocking them for cowardice, for pulled punches. Pointing out where they are wrong; pointing out what they do not say because they dare not say. Merely proving conservatives are wrong is not enought, in fact it is secondary in importance to mocking them for their gutlessness, their weakness, and their cowardice. Destroy their reputations in the minds of their followers. Take their men and their mindshare and get the people listening to us WN who have the real answers. It's a fight, a political battle.

2. Will this not just immediately make us look like leftists in the minds of the sheeple and unawake individuals?
Are we promoting jews and multiculturalism and homosexuals? No. So how are people going to mistake us for leftists? They won't. We say race matters. We're white, we're proud, the jews are our enemy. The gelded right says none of those things. We make as stark a contrast as possible between our strength and the conservatives' weakness.

3. Will this divide WNs, along left leaning and rightists? There are huge chasms of differences in our factions.
No there aren't. There is no disagreement at all among us on the end goal: Whites running their own nation. There is disagreement on how to live among ourselves after we've achieved the main goal.

It would be easier for left WNs to go along with right WNs, than the other way around. You know the route that these differences takes: Abortion versus no abortion, religion versus no-religion, free-sex versus promotion of filial units, shoot fags versus don’t ask don’t tell, allow a few quiet Jews versus ban them all. These are polarizing issues that won’t go away. We cannot tilt against the right, and we may be seen as doing this if we attack ‘Conservatives’. I know how phony many of the leaders of that movement are, but you have to look at how the followers in that movement feel. These followers are the ones we seek to soften up. After all, how many of the left can we convert that are buying Obama’s policies hook line and sinker? A WN converting an obamabot? How likely is that?
We're not trying to reach the masses. That is not possible without access to tv. Still, we are trying to reach whoever we can. Hence, we put our message out in multiple forms for different types of whites - different classes, occupations and IQs. But same message. Just as the jews do. Most converts will come from the right, but a fair number will come from the left. A realpolitik approach from hard-core WN will actually be more attractive to the left, who are realistic, as a rule, only about success in politics, even as they are cultic and crazy about everything else. Although the majority of newcomers will always come to us from the right, since about 90% of whites are normal, and conservatism is the default "normal" position, some of the better converts, I'd reckon, will come from the left - winners. This was what the German nationalists found - many great converts came over from the communists. Both communists and nationalists were willing to risk and spill blood, whereas the bourgeois conservatives were not. Those with something to lose tend to join causes only after they've proven themselves. Then it's a simple matter for the self-regarding, materialist bourgeois to tell himself he was a winter patriot all along, rather than a summer bandwagon-jumper.

4. In the mainstream, there are only two political circles, right and left. If we attack conservatives (publicly identified in the right) then we will be identified by millions as leftists. It is the old ‘if you’re not one of them, then you’re one of those’ routine. The non-racialist leftists will not want anything to do with us, they will excoriate us. At least some rightists and conservatives lean our way.
No, it won't happen that way. A few cons will respond weakly with the "nazis are leftists" argument, but no one other than the dullest dupes buy that. Anyway, we are not Nazis, and we are making argument unmistakably non-leftist.

When I talk about ‘softening up’ people, I acknowledge that we will not be able to convert everybody, or even most Whites. There will be a great sea of Sheeple that we control but will not agree with us explicitly. We ‘soften them up’ with our message, by exposing them to it, they likely will not accept it until we achieve military rule over them. Then they will gulp it down as it is mother’s milk, with barely a grumble. This phenomenon happens because they worship authority and are led along this route even to their doom, which we rescue them from by winning the battles and SHTF CIV war.
The biological fact is most humans accept authority without questioning. Only a minority thinks. But as a society falls apart, even the duller among it begin to feel unpleasantnesses deep in their psyche. The first thing is to get them aware that we are one among a number of schools that can explain the reason for those twinges and fearful uncertainties. They won't accept us immediately. But as things get worse, as ZOG disintegrates, degree by degree, degree by degree average people will open to unusual, "extreme," or non-mass media explanations for the miseries they are seeing and experiencing.

Many of the best co-operationists will be from the conservative and so-called moderate set. We will need at least their passing good will, at least where they will not oppose us during the SHTF Rev.
Do you see a coward like Buchanan or Fleming or Paul Craig Roberts raising arms to oppose White Nationalists heading off to fight jews? Even though they've said repeatedly for decades that our cause is immoral? I don't see one of these gits raising a pinky off anything but a tea cup. These curs yield to power. The jews threaten or bribe them. They comply. The jews are winners. We should model our behavior on the winners. The jews mocked and destroyed the paleoconservatives in about a year. Now even the paleocons agree with and use my term to describe themselves - faileocons. How do we avoid being faileonationalists? We do the opposite of what the faileocons do, and we emulate the jews until we are in position to thump them. We attack the conservative pretenders simply by telling people what they are and showing them how to laugh at these clowns.

As you can see, I see the WN coming after a catalyst such as a grinding Depression, followed by SHTF events and mass insurrections. Once a few insurrections start, it emboldens many others. There are guys falling over themselves within the Patriot movement to get a ‘change’ going of their own, but the watchword is, don’t be the first. This may sound pussy, but these guys are not suicidal. ZOG can smash little groups all day long. But the Beast cannot stop multiple insurrections, especially when it loses the Moral High Ground.
These guys are mostly blowhards and clowns. They dried right up after the fed cell set off OKC. Most of the pa'tards can be brought around with a stiff talking to from a dominant personality. They know something is wrong, but they're too dumb to grasp its sources. They see their way through some deceptions but not all. They're taken in by an obvious clown like Alex Jones or some of the tools at RBN. All most of these need is the straight truth about, for example, the Founders and race. Even if they're not brought around, I ask again, how many of them would oppose the man who stands up, in the chaos, and says, we need to protect our community from niggers? I say not even one tenth of one percent would stand up. In other words, 1000x more than conservative thought pundits.

I'm like the left: I believe almost all whites really are racists, they're just too cowardly to acknowledge it. But circumstances make the man. It's one thing to tippy-type on the twaddlenet, it's another thing to face a violent, fast-changing situation.

What is that, the Moral High Ground? It’s the sense of purpose, agrievement and righteous indignation that all men have to have, to take on the gargantuan task of rebelling. I say to myself, if the Patriots and WNs have not rebelled yet, have not started the rev, it’s because I, and my Brother propagandists, have not given them enough reason to be indignant. It is up to the Propagandists of the movement to lead the WN cadres forward.
No. The moral high ground is place they put the tv broadcast satellites. Beyond that, it's the loudest, most determined voice in any given situation. The jews run things. Are they moral? Do they worry about morals? Do they ever admit they are wrong about anything? Do they ever exhibit troubled consciences over, say, phosphorizing Palestinian children?

Moral high ground is a concept for losers to justify inaction or losing. Defending yourself and your family requires no intellectual defense. If it's not marrow-evident to a white man, then truly he belongs underground with the rest of the 99% of species that ever existed, now extinct.

Embedment: I cannot stress this enough, that the Patriot movement is soo much larger than our WN movement. The Patriots, to be sure, are not so racialist. An example would be that they’ll tell a racist joke, but have a neighbor they like who is a minority. They just cannot bring themselves to think the unthinkable. So what do we do in that regard. It would be so easy to write the guy off, call him a mud shark, etc.. Why? Are we crazy? We use him as a stepping stone, his forces outnumber ours, and they are CONSERVATIVE.
To the extent they push our causes we can try to use them in times of peace. But really, they matter little. Ron Paul shit himself the minute he got criticism from a 20-something faggot from Yale. He ran from his own newsletter's words. How much is a coward like that worth? Nothing, I'd say. Yet he serves us insofar as he pushes single issues like auditing the Fed. Use him. In whichever way we can. That's our peacetime policy. Join their boards. Make our case. Point out what "they," whoever they are, aren't saying. Point out why they aren't saying it. Point out those who are.

I have advocated in the past we embed within the Patriot movement, as many WNs already are doing, to enhance our power when the ZOG beast makes a mistake and overplays his hand. This is very important, as it will give us the power we need at the proper SHTF time. We simply convert these forces from within, during SHTF/Rev. Our military leaders will have to cultivate political officers, most of whom fight as well, and they will have to be doing this morning noon and night. There is no room at the top for lazy people, whether mentally sluggish or physically. A WN military leader, during SHTF, must never give in to torpor or fear, his head will barely hit the bunk and he will be up again, training, strategizing, acting, making decisions. I know that is what I will be looking for in the man that I follow or promote. Energy, fearlessness, attention to didactics and ideology, a good head on his shoulders, and the ability to inspire.
These are separate issues, I'd just say I sure don't see much of a patriot movement, just a bunch of ignorant blowhards.

I know it is difficult perhaps to contemplate some newly awakened guy, one who has just turned on to WN’ism, to tell him it’s okay to embed with conservative and ‘Patriot’ militia. We are afraid for him, we are worried he’ll leave us and settle down into comfortable conservatism, after all it pays more than the life of a WN any day, you know it and I know it. Solution: Training. We have to be better trainers and reach out to other, lesser skilled propagandists. Strengthen these lesser experienced ones. Form groups that teach out of the Army intelligence manuals, Propaganda Manuals, teach proper didactics, encourage people to increase their skills in didactics and speaking.
Where are these militias? I haven't heard of any doing this since the early nineties, and even then they were 90% jokes. I've been to plenty of "mixed" meetings - racialists and patriotards. I don't get wet between the legs when johnny marine starts barking. Racialism will need military people in time, and should recruit them like other groups, but the patriotard shit is just that - fantasy for fools.

We will have to bring our appeal to these conservative people. Think about it, let’s put ourselves in the chair of a WN general, during the rev. You are a General commanding defensive forces, trying to defend the new WN. It’s only just appeared above the level of whispers, in fact, sometimes you think that’s all it really is. Your men move about in communities that are not WN, most in fact are not. You see minorities here and there in your territories, but since you have not won yet, you can do nothing. “That will have to wait until after victory”, you ruminate, “first things are first”. Yet the Masses, in their homes and shops, do not rebel against you, which allows you to concentrate on the border with ZOG. If you had the border to contend with, as well as ma restless sheeple population, you would not have the forces to handle it all, ZOG would soon overrun you.
This is fantasy, useless and unrelated to what I'm talking about which is the legal, aboveground political struggle.

Yet you remember that you did not attack the sheeple’s values before the Rev, you left them their conservative illusions.
We share most of their domestic, daily values. What we don't share are the big-picture lies they've been taught by shills. We're for all the good things: honesty, sexual restraint, etc.

If there is a broken sewage pipe in a community, one of these men will find a solution. Food shortage in an area, and, no the officer won’t shit cabbage, but he’ll help teach the people how to lay down gardens, and what’s involved. If a food shortage is on the horizon, we warn the sheeple about it, in fact we always tell them the truth. We become all things to all the White masses.
We should be doing this now. Hugh has talked about this. The Germans did it with their Winterhilfe (sp?). Hamas does it. I hear even the BNP does it to an extent. Helping whites in the real world. That's where to begin, not talking about military issues.

Conservatives have a hazy image of being the Values party, despite us knowing that is not totally true. Let’s not be looked on as the anti-values people.
We can best do that by exhibiting self-control, proper spelling and grammar, and all the other indices of normality and respectability - so long as we do not unstick from the truth on the big issues, as the respectables always do.

Look at this forum. Look at how it is designed. Look at the rules. Look how we encourage posters to act. Look at the specific things we discourage. All these tend in one direction, to produce the kind of man best able to further the cause of defending Whites and defeating the jewish tyranny.