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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Take an objective look at what helps or hinders our cause, and proceed accordingly. Now, fair point is not always clear what helps/hinders, but I rejoin with the cliche that always doing X produces the same failed results, try a different approach. Which is what I advocate: a different approach.
1. Politics / Media / Government, It's their game why fight what is.

2. WW1 / WW2 We owned the game.

3. Vietnam / Iraq They own the game.

Point being our adversaries understood, It's their game why fight what is and by doing that they hand us are ass every time, So what is a man to do Fuck what you think you know, they provided you with the options to begin with, whatever you do it benefits them in the end.

The Federal Reserve is on the nations mind right now, the fed cant account for 7 trillion in bailout money, Joe sick pack understands he has been fucked hard and long by Wall Street, not by mistake but by careful planning and manipulation, granted this simple fuck cant balance his check book let alone have an independent thought, but 7 trillion seems to stick in his mind.

Learn a lesson from history take what is and run with it, the snow ball is already rolling down the hill, don't let them false flag some bullshit to take the heat away, brand their collective ass with 7 trillion in money paid out to foreign investors, Joe sick pack will made his voice heard if you keep it in his face long enough, let em know what a lay down bitch he really is and he will do something about it.

A different approach. Billboards fucking billboards of all things, a billboard they do not own or control, anyone can own / lease / buy a billboard and they line the highways in mass, millions and millions people see them every day.

Simple get a crew in every state to commit to something bigger than their egos and acquire a billboard along a major highway, with a simple message.

The Federal Reserve is a privately owned.
7 trillion has gone to pay foreign investors.
Demand an audit of the Federal Reserve.

Some hot bitch holding a beer while pitching this would go with what is, give em a hard on and they will follow, there you go quick simple and effective.

These are my thought's on the subject nothing more, I will personally back such a project for MI through some sort of trust, as the future for my culture is more important than anything I have now.

Only 49 states left to go, what say you.