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Mike Parker
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Mike Parker

Buchanan is one of our deadliest enemies. It is precisely his mass appeal as a regular jovial working class guy that makes him dangerous. His politically incorrect candor is a big part of the act. People who know Bill Moyers is full of shit, and even suspect Rush Limbaugh is pulling some punches, will uncritically believe Pat Buchanan is telling the whole truth. What he does is to offer such people, who should be WN, a safe holding pattern where they can feel good about themselves by sticking out their tongues at the neocons without challenging the actual Jewish power structure.

On Buchananís motives, Iíll just add that you donít lose as badly and as consistently as faileoconservatism has lost without wanting to lose on some level. Buchanan has this quip about why the Irish never went into business. They were making too much money in politics, is his punchline. I think thatís his witty way of conceding that the Jewish strategy (finance, media, Ivy League) has defeated the Catholic strategy (big city machine politics, clergy, Jesuit colleges). If the Jews won the game fair and square, itís one more rationalization for leaving them in power and meekly petitioning some of them to lighten our burden a bit. The real way the Jews won was to convince people like Buchanan that they deserved to win. The defeatism inherent in Buchananism wouldnít be tolerated on a weekend softball team. WN is playing for far higher stakes.