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Some really good answers on this thread. I feel really flattered that Alex answered my post, he posted up some really good replies and redirection, his wisdom really shows. Some of us are going through the "Gateway" phase in their didactics, I know I'll be looking forward to reading Alex's Gateway essay. Alex has a way of nudging your didactics along, in a necessary direction. I imagine it will be a milestone, a milemarker in our movement. That's why I like VNN so much, you can get stuff said without battling off the trolls.

What I'd really like to see is a how-to section or essays, instruction, real life stories on how WNs help the sheeple. More of us doing it and reporting about it. Some orgs take donations to spread around supplies during the aftermath of weather disasters, we perhaps could do it in White areas, I know it might be tricky, maybe a few rebuffs, just a thought:

Alex said: "We should be doing this now. Hugh has talked about this. The Germans did it with their Winterhilfe (sp?). Hamas does it. I hear even the BNP does it to an extent. Helping whites in the real world. That's where to begin, not talking about military issues."

I know when I talked about the 'Moral High Ground" I talk about it as it is perceived by newly awakened ones, sheeple, those we try and reach. It's a mental barrier in others we try and hurdle over or knock down. I know what you're saying, that 'high ground' was breached and flattened a long time ago, you're preaching to the choir here, I am putting myself in the mind-think of those I try and reach. That's why I want a job, in the WN, in the Propaganda Ministry, it's where I belong. If anyone here get's into power in the WN, remember to hire Kyrik, note to self please (plug).

I really like James Brush's Billboard Idea, great point!