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Jerry Remy
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Jerry Remy

I am glad you posted this. I see some people post the most unrealistic statements, to such pure deluded fantasy on what they think this election will gain them.

Look at all the Trumptards.

There are people who post on forums that he will & could possibly do things like end ties w/ israel. This is so insane. Because his daughter married a jew, & his grandchildren are jewish. Trump has stated he supports israel. He has stated he "I love my jewish grandchildren", he has been a Democrat, he IS a democrat. He is also personally very close w/ both Bill, & Hillary Clinton. He was also fully saved from financial destruction by his close friends & partners who are saudis. He has many business ties, & even a product line he promotes there. saudis are just cripto jews. They all play the game w/ israel, mossad & cia & created, fund & run al qaeda & ISIS. These are proven facts.. & again have big ties w/ Clintons & bush families who all work together.. there is no real left right.. just their NWO & their goals.

You have all seen these outrageous claims people attribute to what Trump will do "when he wins". These are outlandish.. as if he could change the laws of gravity, or alter the molecular structure of objects. These things these very deluded people write are part of the reason we are all in the mess we are in now.

We can not vote our way out of anything. In fact after this election no matter who wins, at all, even the new person that will show up soon & be promoted, even after all that it will only get much worse for everyone. That is the plan. They will carry out their plans. It never matters what bag of flesh lives in the white house. They are not in control. Those who think they are are children who don't understand how the real world works. And again, this is why were are in the trouble we are now.

Harding is sharing some facts and out looks that need to be understood.