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Americans are a very patriotic people . . .

The reason , though , why the NWO allows them to be a patriotic people ( in contrast to , for example , Germany . .) is because the US constantly fights wars for the NWO . . .

As I have already pointed out in this post I believe virtually no war since World War 1 has really benefitted the American people but were just to increase the NWO's agenda worldwide . . . .

The NWO plays hard on the Americans' patriotism but , like I said , just because they wish to use them . .

Examples of 'American patriotism' promoted in sports . . .

I'm going to go into the lion's den and say that I even wondered back then ( when these things took place in wrestling ( early 90s . .) ) why the atomic droppings on Japan by America weren't mentioned in this wrestle-fight between the two countries . . .

But , this supposed wrestle-war was just staged . .

No mentioning of World War 2 in it . .

By the way , please do not draw the conclusion from this that I'm in favour of Japanese . .

. . but they were Germany's ally in WW2 . .

This post also isn't meant to put down Americans , I would welcome it if the Americans started fighting wars which benefitted its people again instead of letting themselves be used by the NWO .