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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
That's why I don't watch WWE--too niggerfied . .

Yep , Negroes sure are overrepresented in the world of "power sports" . .

. . they might be physically stronger than us but the NWO is playing hard on that fact by presenting them as "role models" in "popular sports" . . .

. . and patriotarded like the rest of sports entertainment in the KWA, with dickheads like John Cena and company.
It even started earlier than I have described above . . .

Hulkamania ( the wrestling hype about Hulk Hogan ) started with another "wrestling patriotic" coup . . .

Fictional wrestling character Sergeant Slaughter ( according to storyline ) was deemed to have aided the Iraqis in the first "Desert Storm" . .
Hulk Hogan confronted him and became the "all-American hero" he should remain for years . .

The last time I watched it there were like three armed forces recruiting ads shown. Guess young gullible kwans think becoming a ZOGbot is just like big-time wrestling or a video game.

Sorry , but that's pretty much the reality . . .

It's why I shed no tears when they come back home in body bags.
That's your opinion as an American yourself and I won't comment on that . .