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Originally Posted by Dawn Cannon View Post
From a post I saved: "Physically violent behavior is closely related to courtship behavior in the deep brain. If you can queer courtship behavior, you can pacify the urge to violence and the drive for social dominance in a male population. You can create an easily governable nation or race of sheeple. Football fans." Jimmy Marr
Interesting posts and thread but this quote was particularly interesting to me.

I've always thought those ra ra sessions of veteran worship or football games seemed very gay while being disguised as 'uber manly'. So that's an interesting way to look at it, as potentially a social-engineering kind of thing designed to do exactly that.

All the fake patriotic stuff is similar, from the pep rallies when we enter a fake war to an episode of 'American Idol', it's all super sick, narcissistic, and frankly, gay.

It's different when people genuinely rally around a cause and give of self, that's not this weird display of narcissism you see at these warmonger events.

And same with sports where the people are respected for some skill they've developed and the admiration is sincere, and not this fake orchestrated mob of narcissists all competing to be seen on the teleprompter. #Gay
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