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Default Ru88 have profile picture insulting to all Serbs-ustasha holding head of honorable Major Paul Djurisic

Originally Posted by Ru88 View Post
Time to revive this trashy forum.
What is your point of profile picture by using fake picture of ustasha holding Serbian head and head of very honorable warrior Duke Pavle Djurisic...could you explain me due i saw you and Goldfinger send me a friendship request so thank you on your friendly attitude if you are honest in ,,Friendly attentions'' If you don't mind Ru88 remove your profile picture due it is primitive and i am not supporter of Ravnogorci i am national-socialist so i believe we could have higher level of understanding if...again your attentions are good.
By the way Major Pavle Đurišić was great in struggle against islamic fanatics, he was brave so much that islamic fanatics had fear when they hear Paul is near.
If you like ustashas as you will see it is not offended me you love to ustashas against here is point in personality of Major Paul Djurisic who was honorable and brave man! Such person don't deserve this attitude even you hate chetniks where i don't belong but i have good opinion in same way you have to ustashas...but it would be nice to proof your NAME CONTENT 88 to act as national-socialist and i know what you going answer on my questions if you are on the First place national-socialist! 14/88

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