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Default Rus88 and his idol Vjekoslav the sinner and enemy of White Race

Well, it is nice that you are so easy for study. I don't have any reason to proof, especially not if we consider that picture is real same as your Russian nationality Yes, i know how ended Vjekoslavs life...poor Vjekoslav and see, i feel sorry about Vjekoslav because he was used same as prostitute to fight and kill brotherhood war between Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Serbs as well as small part who call them self Croats are Franjevci, small unity of Goths who where start a lot of brotherhood wars like against Saxons and massacred white brothers just for catolicism and i consider all clerical fascists as nation non grata in Aryan Europa or on every white man soil those clerical fanatics as ustashas should send to some isolated Island so you can massacre your children as we know ustashas fought children especially.
You know...being Aryan doesn't necessary mean you hate other races, it is more taking care about their primitive brains don't do anything except working as slaves in some camps. However today we must have hate and angry in our selfs due massive immigration of muslims and all other migrants who went to Europa to conquer our European family of nations our Heritage and destroy Christianity together with White Race! ! !
So you, Ru88 are very sad man if something else is not here we have to consider??? You are came here on VNN from as i know SF forum hacked or however in big problems with infiltrators as MAYBE you are.