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Originally Posted by Ru88 View Post
A serbski bratooshka can't pretend to be a friendly NS too long, he quickly shows his true eurasian face of a chauvinist when it comes to talks about Croat national-socialists. Well, the person in the picture is not Vjekoslav Luburic, so your pain in ass shouldn't have a valid reason. But as a self-proclaimed NS you should admit, Luburic was very successful in slaughter of communist swines And I think the beautiful picture from above is real.
The funny thing is that Croat ustashas were very good friends with communists, muslims and Jews. Even Pavelich's wife was a Jewess and Pavelich himself praised Islam.

Pavelic in muslim cap:

Actually Pavelich loved islam so much that he gave a muslim name "Aisha" to his granddaughter.....

Ustashas and communist partisan, good buddies:

Most of the ustashas collectively changed their uniforms after 1945 and became communist officers of highest rank.
An example before and after 1945:

As about Luburich and ustasha slaughterers, nope, they didn't kill communists because they were their secret allies, just like Jews.
Only thing that ustashas were "good" at was the slaughter of white Serbian children, rape and slaughter of white Serbian women: