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Originally Posted by Poison View Post

Yep, and that's why Hitler and the Third Reich are not the epitome of white race. Also, the Jews ("honorary aryans") in their line are the other great reason.

Servian nationalist №1 Drazhe Mihaylovich and muslims:
Mihailovic was a Yugoslavian multiculturalist, he never called his movement as "Serbian" but as "Yugoslavian". He had Croats and Muslims in his lines and he was in conflict with Serbian nationalists like for example the Nedich's corps etc.

Another cool story from a child of serbian communists.
Nope, none of mine were communists, so wrong guess, kike.

I don't know who actually were those killed people, most likely they're victims of serbian chetniks. Although if it's true and victims are serbian commies/chetniks, it's cool
Those people were Serbians and I doubt that children between the age of 3-8 were aware of any political ideology you sick kike piece of shit.

Also, most of the commies were Croatians and there is even a map from 27.12.1942 behind Tito on which it is clearly seen that most of the communist/partisan troops were in so called Croatia.

As about "chetniks", most who are portrayed as "chetniks" were actually not, they were called "Ravnogorci" and their leader was a "Yugoslavian" (Mihailovich).

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