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In ‘extreme’ case, Israeli jailed for ordering custom-made movies of child abuse

4.5-year term for defense establishment worker, 50, who amassed vast collection of pedophilia and bestiality, including deadly torture of animals

22 November 2017, 5:08 pm

Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday sentenced a man to 4.5 years in prison for possessing and distributing pedophilic material that included what prosecutors said was extreme abuse of babies, children and animals, including videos he ordered made according to specific demands to show violent assault of children.

The man’s name was withheld by the court, but he was described as 50 years old and from central Israel. He is an employee of Israel’s defense services, though the court did not specify which branch.
According to court papers, the suspect made contact over the internet with two movie producers in April 2015 and paid them NIS 5,700 ($1,550) to make him a film that would include a woman viciously attacking a young boy, including trampling on him.

“The demand was that it should hurt the boy during filming and that you should be able to see the boy suffer,” according to the indictment.
These videos featured both physical violence against the young children and rape according to the indictment.

After watching the videos, the man complained to the producers that “they were not as extreme as he demanded.”
The suspect also collected videos of animals being dismembered while they were still alive. Some of the videos that he shared over the internet include footage of adult women either naked or half clothed performing sex acts with various animals.