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Biden’s antisemitism envoy nominee: “Branding Israel as an apartheid state is more than historically inaccurate”

Biden pick Deborah Lipstadt condemned Amnesty International's report on Israeli apartheid saying it was "part of a larger effort to delegitimize the Jewish state."


(...) In 2019 Lipstadt wrote a book called Antisemitism: Here and Now, where she refers to Zionism as a “national liberation movement” and claims that “negation of Jewish nationhood is a form of antisemitism.” The work also contains some thoughts about Jewish people who support the BDS movement.

“Anti-Zionist Jews who are opposed to Israel’s existence believe that they are expressing universalistic Jewish ‘values’ such as support for the downtrodden and for victims of injustice,” writes Lipstadt. “It’s unfortunate that they have bought in to the anti-Israel narrative and are proud of the fact that they have the “courage” to counter what they feel is a deluded, omnipotent, organized Jewry. I feel sad and frustrated that these people have internalized these antisemitic motifs. They may not be personally antisemites, but they facilitate it.”