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Originally Posted by Dominus View Post
Nope, you ignorant kike fuck. Only the Karadjordjevic dynasty was pro-Yugoslavian.
And yet he uphold the dream of a state of Serbian domination of other countries under such freaken state and got his ass popped by a Buglarian. Even European writers wrote about it like Pozzi , your only great achievement is always starting wars and dragging others into shi.t. Russia would have been better without wasting single life in WWI. Hopefully you are not counting on more Russian cannon folder for your adventures , guess the Russian journalists learnt it in 90s.


Originally Posted by Dominus View Post

No he wasn't, you ignorant kike piece of shit. He called himself "Ravnogorac" and even on his trial he admitted that his troops were never called "chetniks" but "ravnogorci".
Yes and Hitler is a reptilian like the gibanicaris wearing Draza shirts and calling themselves Chetniks. , all the best from yours truly Poison and SF 'R' team.