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Yes, i wrote to administration about considering their dishonorable behavior and most of all untruth, lies about Serbian history! So there is a lot of ways turn around their activities against their self due really non Croat could not hate Serbs so much if that Croat have Aryan race above all as well as if any white man love more Islamic terrorists than white brother, EVEN IF THAT WHITE BROTHER IS RIVAL NATIONALITY, if two European nations had a conflict there is no excuse for that kind of people in their attentions to present national-socialism or loving own race above all when they can't be that in any way if they are so anti-white and anti-NS actually their letters smell same as antifa anarchists or some aka Che revolutionars...One more think, there are rules on VNN forum and members must respect those rules at least on respectable level due it is not democratic forum.

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