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To all who came to my defense, I offer my most sincere gratitude -- Mike, Irish Pride, Brutus, Yankee Jim, Stan.

To those who have written in opposition, I think you over-estimated the stakes involved. No one is injured when a wide variety of ideas is offered up. I'm not operating any sort of mind control cult. No one is being led down any primrose paths. Anyone is free to accept or reject the ideas I put out there.

I don't care enough about those posters who are in opposition to return the anger and vitriol. But I find it curious. Why would you care so much? Why invest so much emotional energy? In what way do I threaten you?

The best I can come up with is that you think I'm misleading people. To this I can offer some consolation; not too many people are following my lead in taking up the survivalist lifestyle and cheerful doomerism, other than the people who are already so inclined over at the peak oil sites.

One very important thing I've learned is to content oneself with smaller achievements. Here in the Kwa, we are raised with the growth capitalist mindset that everything has to be BIG and GETTING BIGGER ALL THE TIME.

Corporations can't just make a profit in this System. They have to show greater profits every year, or they go under. This is insane. You can have temporary growth, but it sure can't go on forever.

Movies teach us at the subconscious level that BIG victories and BIG achievements are the only ones worth trying for.

This is a very dangerous message for all of us. What happens is that if we can't attain big victories, then we give up, and steam in resentment.

I learned to content myself with small victories. Teaching my friends the wilderness skill of turning small animals into food; hitting the bullseye with my bow and arrow from 40 yards; taking my daughter to her piano and gymnastics and dance lessons week after week and seeing her do back handsprings and play Christmas music on the piano.

I suspect that may be what triggered a few people here. You have that idea "big victory, or nothing" and someone who is contented with smaller things has something wrong with him.

But if you look at those who are getting ahead of us, you'll notice that they content themselves with many small victories, which then add up to big victory.

I study the Asians in real life, and I read about the history of the jews, because I want to understand why these two groups are getting ahead of us or have gotten ahead of us.

My conclusion was that both Asians and jews were patient and persistent and contented themselves with small victories, generation after generation, until they got to where they are today.

We found ourselves suddenly out of power, and our first inclination is to get mad, take up the sword, and get it right back. But what happened to us was centuries in the making. That is, jewish power was centuries in the making, and it took a few decades of White decadence for the jewish power to fill the vacuum and look here we are.

My theory is that because what happened was on a deep, structural level, as a result of the culture that developed among us, we aren't going to be able to shoot our way out of it. We going to have to dig our way out of it, one shovelful at a time. We have to be as patient as a Chinese, and think in terms of generations, and content ourselves with small victories every year.

Small victories will add up to big victories. That much I can promise you.