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Steve B
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Originally Posted by Stan Sikorski
Sutter dug his own hole. I was willing to give him room as Kievsky was open to the debate even though AS was acting like a jackass in an activism thread. That was enough for me to take action on him. But dragging the man's family into it is another thing.

Steve and Whitefist, you have personal problems with Kievsky, find another way to vent it off the forum or at least keep it out of activism threads.
My apologies Stan. But when I posted on this thread it was still in this just in and not in the activism thread where it is now. And so I figured it was fair game as did AS and WF.

Originally Posted by Stan Sikorski
And if you hate the way I do business or VNN handles things, why bother coming here? The internet is a big place. Plenty of room for reindeer games.
You know I'm starting to ask myself that very question. Maybe it is time for me to move on.