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Originally Posted by Whitefist
Stan, I'm curious, how is what I posted a personal problem with Kievsky when I believe Kievsky has in fact said:

1. "Preparing for global apocalypse" is enjoying life and a silly idea, implying that it is the equivalent of a hobby. If that doesn't come across as the musings of a nutcase then tell me how do you think a normal White person would read that, his words Stan.

2. He likens his little get togethers to frat parties, basically just having a good time with friends. How is that serious political activism?

3. He wrote that we should underlive our racial competition by taking on boarders and giving up our cars, which btw he would do but his wife won't let him, again his words. So, Kievsky talks a good game, do as I say but not as I do...his words Stan.

4. He has encouraged Whites to go on welfare, a well known position of his on this board.

5. He has openly stated that he fancys himself a future aristocrat, why, because as he says, he speaks a foreign language, has read fine literature and can play the violin! Again Stan, his words. I'll ask again, does that sound like a normal take on life, something a normal White man or woman would relate to?

He reminds me of Tony Curtis in Spartacus, starring jew Kirk Douglas, where Tony Curtis is asked by Spartacus, "What do you do?" to which Tony Curtis replies, "I'm a singer of songs..." and Spartacus replies, "Yes, but what work do you do..."

Finally Stan, unlike the very personal and childish attacks directed against Augustus Sutter, I stuck only to that which he posted and said himself publically on this message board, which I would think should be enough to call into question the high regard in which Kievsky is held as a deep thinker on this board.

There's nothing personal about it, what Kievsky has posted comes across as loony, and imo most normal White folk, racially aware or not, would interpret it that way, which is what I believe I posted above.

To Brutus and Irish Pride, ROFLOL, so you can pick apart everything I posted, go ahead, I think I quoted his Eminence verbatim in this thread and I guess even he didn't bother to refute his own words so I'd love to see how you will.
Yep, those are my ideas. Just keep my family out of it and everything is fine.

My problem with you, "Whitefist" is that you used your visit to my house and the personal information you collected to provide to anonymous Internet personality Augustus Sutter, who PM'd me with an "I know all about you -- where you live, etc" message. I wondered, "Where the heck did he get all that info?" and then I realized that Whitefist is part of his little junior high school girl gossip clique.

You failed to realize that we guard our personal information very carefully.

Very often I get a PM or an e-mail from someone in a geographical area. Just recently, someone from LA County CA who is on this board. He asked if I knew anyone in his area. As a matter of fact, I do. Before I even gave this VNN'er the person's e-mail address, I e-mailed and got permission from my California contact. He gave permission to give his e-mail address to this person, and I passed along the e-mail.

That's how we operate. Violating this protocol accidentally is bad enough; violating it maliciously and giving away personal information to a totally anonymous Internet personality is dishonorable and serves notice that you are not to be trusted.

Of course, you haven't addressed that. That's fine. I'm surprised to see you back on this board.

Speaking in very general terms, there are several well known White nationalists who are on some form of government financial assistance (I'm not one of them) in the form of pensions, social security, etc.

Personally, I have no problem with that. It frees them up to do White activism. There is indeed an element of "being compromised" in accepting ZOG money while working against ZOG, but things have gotten so insane in this country as it is that I think it's past time to care about this, and be glad that someone is doing something.

Also, some very articulate White nationalists live out of their car, or in a mobile home. You are worried that this will "discredit" us. I'm not. You only found out that a certain person was living out of his car when you got a little more involved (momentarily) in a certain section of the Movement. This disillusioned you.

We had a debate about WN's who live in their cars, and/or accept assistance from ZOG. You believe that it discredits us; I disagree. So what?

You've made your attempts to discredit me on this board. That's fine, and the above post is an accurate description of my ideas and it does not leverage information acquired during your visit to Connecticut.

So if people want to agree with Whitefist and disagree with my ideas, they are free to do so. I certainly shall not go out of my way to defend my ideas. There are plenty of people who agree with me, and have not changed their minds. Those who disagree, I say, it's a free country. And I'm always interested to hear the alternative ideas of what to do of those who disagree, if you have any.

It's clear to many of us, those who criticize and attack are not coming up with any ideas themselves. They are just saying, "Normal White people would think this is weird." I know plenty of these "normal White people" and anything outside their very narrow range of mass media and advertising manufactured ideas is "weird." I don't see the value in trying to conform to a degenerate and dumbed down society. I see value in trying to come up with fresh ideas, and trying them out.