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the #1 problem with niggers is white fools who underestimate them.

Jews know they are cunning animals, and totally ruthless.

Whites lack guile and cunning and make shitty criminals and revolutionaries.

Black men can pretty much go up and rape most white girls and then totally psychologically dominate them, convince them that it's a relationship, convince them to whore for them, that is not because they are stupid, it is because they are highly intelligent.

Liberals think they are helping inferiors by helping blacks, they seem them are harmless inferiors and are condescending, it gives them a feeling of benevolent dominance.

Blacks WILL one day, completely dominate and enslave the whites, but they are not really capable of managing white slaves, so they will of course just rape all the women, gradually and kill off the males.

Nowdays you got all these white guys who think they are cool and down with blacks because they got black friends, these people will hang around to help the niggers run their anti-white operations and will be the only thing they got going for them.