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Originally Posted by Duitsebloed View Post
I don’t think Stormfront has been taken over by Jews.
Stormfront is continually getting trolled by them, that is for sure.
To me, the main issue with Stormfront is the captain of the ship isn’t feeling good and his first mate isn’t able to fully steer the ship on his own.
Something like that.
Originally Posted by Duitsebloed View Post
Fair enough.
Think or say what you want about Don, I don’t care.
Talk shit about him all you want.
I don’t know him.
He’s never talked to me.

I have some friends on Stormfront that I’ve made after 5 years and 4000 thousand posts and I’m not a backstabber.
My friends are my friends.
Fine, on a ship with a bad captain you have to be prepared for the worst.

Again you can state what you want here as long as it is not against the rules of the forum, that we disagree on certain matters is not a problem.

I do mention you here again look out for Sion Front (not for you "friends") but for customers who are at the helm and have certain information about you.

I myself have no friends, they give me pain in my ass, I have comrades!

Again I didn't mean to attack you personally, from experience I'm just telling you watch out with Sion Front (you won't be the last victim of that Jewish controlled forum).

Greetings Johan