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Mick Walker
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Originally Posted by M.N. Dalvez View Post
Here's a charming message I received from Mick Walker about a week ago:

Not only that, but he re-iterated that he meant every word of it publicly.

So, this kind of thing is permissable on VNN these day?

I did contact some moderators privately - they said, oh, we'll do something about this.

But nothing has been done, and he's still posting freely.

What's the story? Death threats aimed at people's families (risible or not) are acceptable here these days? If you're some degenerate piece of shit who can't argue the point and can't even string together a fucking grammatical sentence, just send death threats to people, and no-one will do anything about it?
You are just spamming threads and posting nothing of worth, I post here to wake up the Lurkers with my memes and alternative newslinks. But I'm quite happy to leave this forum and not post again if this account is deleted!!!