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Originally Posted by M.N. Dalvez View Post
Death threats aimed at people's families are not against the forum rules?

Bev and yourself both said something would be done about Mick Walker doing that. NOTHING has been done about that. He's still here, and still posting.
I told you that after the threats (which were not made public) you should contact an administrator (Bev).

Originally Posted by Mick Walker View Post
I only sent you death threats, I'm not bothered if I get banned from this forum. I don't feel appreciated enough but I would like my account completely erased!!!
(*Demands to have account deleted WILL NOT BE HONORED. If you won't stand behind it, DON'T POST IT.)

Would you both be so kind as not to soil every thread with your quarrels among yourselves, or keep making a new thread for your quarrels?

I've merged your stuff into this thread, very immature and no advertising for the forum this crap.