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Ted Ferguson
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Originally Posted by Robbie Key View Post
What made you think that this was the right part of the forum to post this?
I have a few hairs around my asshole that have evolved at an exponential rate, such that they have acquired full sentience, and the ability to communicate with me via telepathy.

Sometimes they are wrong, due primarily to being in such close proximity to an asshole, but they are usually right, and so when they tell me things, I pay attention, and when they give me advice or instructions, I usually follow it. So (and thanks for asking), I was telepathically told to post this thread here, by the sentient hairs right next to my asshole.

Should I tell them they were wrong? Exactly where should I tell my asshole hairs this post belongs? Since you seem to know, maybe you could become one of my sentient and telepathic asshole hairs? There's always room around my asshole for another sentient and telepathic asshole hair, and somehow I feel like you'll fit right in with the others.

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