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[bauhaus stuff]

too cool for school chair

(i think this is a 'cantilevered chair') does this chair not look like it would give you a dirty look and exclaim "as if!" if you dared to threaten to press an ass cheek upon its sleek angled surface? the chair is the occupant; it fairly shrieks: "get out of the way, you're blocking my sun!"

random thought: are Lego blocks bauhaus?

get it? bauhaus is kind of the squaring off of reality; changing it from the circular, the natural, the organic, to the computer generated, the squared the robotic: cold, angular, anti-septic, bloodless, unhuman-hence-antihuman - whatever is warm and inviting, cozy and pleasant - gemutlich, auf Deutsch - aint bauhaus

note: i forgot until now a semi-famous old book by Tom Wolfe, the originator of New Journalism. he wrote a whole book: From Bauhaus to Our House. I read it decades ago, and I don't remember a damn thing in it, but it certainly covers 20th-century architecture, the competing ideas.

Here it is online and free, in pdf. Takes a couple minutes to download.

Bauhaus Inspired Apartment Building Hamburg Germany

'glass box': Institute of Design at 350 North La Salle Drive

Skyscrapers of the Mad Men Era Flickr/leander.canaris. Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and his Bauhaus counterparts were the trendsetters of design in the mid-20th ...

The "Westmount Square" is a complex of four "skyscrapers" located in Westmount, Quebec, Canada. This project, designed by the world renown Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, is a modern complex with office towers, terrace and shopping concourse. It was opened on December 13, 1967.

basically, any kind of window-dominated box structure of any height is probably bauhaus or derived from it. key is the 'load-bearing' walls, or, uh, walls, are replaced with glass. basically, they're turning a building inside out: the building goes from a fortress, with the hard, tough, heavy stuff on the outside, to a skeleton, where the glass opens everything up, and the strength comes from support poles inside and on the corners.

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