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Elon Musk shreds media outlets for ‘relentless hatestream’ of bad news

By Thomas Barrabi
February 8, 2022

Tech billionaire Elon Musk is tired of reading bad news.

The Tesla founder took aim at news media outlets in a series of tweets Tuesday. Musk questioned why it was “so hard to find out what’s going on in the world without being bombarded with news that makes one sad & angry.”

“Why is the ‘traditional’ media such a relentless hatestream? Real question,” Musk said.

“Most news outlets attempt to answer the question: ‘What are the worst things happening on Earth today?’” he added. “It’s a big planet! Obviously, some bad things are happening somewhere at any given time, but focusing relentlessly on those does not give an accurate picture of reality.”

Musk has had a contentious relationship with media outlets in recent years, at times personally criticizing outlets over their coverage of Tesla. The billionaire’s latest criticism followed a run of bad publicity for the electric car firm.