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Elon Musk blames ‘fun police’ for Tesla recall over ‘fart horn’ feature

By Thomas Barrabi
February 14, 2022

Elon Musk jabbed at federal auto safety officials after they forced Tesla to recall a feature that allows drivers to play fart sounds and other bizarre noises over their car’s external speakers.

Tesla recalled nearly 600,000 vehicles last week to tweak the “Boombox” feature, a late 2020 update that let drivers swap out their normal car horn for other sounds, including honks that sound like farts and goats.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration determined the feature could make it harder to hear a required “Pedestrian Warning System” sound.

Musk seemed unhappy with the agency’s decision during a conversation with one of his Twitter followers, who asked the billionaire to explain his “rationale” for recalling the Boombox feature.

“The fun police made us do it (sigh),” Musk tweeted.