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Originally Posted by Ru88 View Post
You're not in position to criticize anything related to the Third Reich, since the only relatively decent authorities you had through your gypsy history - was a Hitler's puppy Milan Nedic.
Who the fuck are you to tell who's in position and who's not?
There are no gypsies in my history but there are Avars in your history you mongoloid piece of shit.

Karadjordjevic was most notable dynasty in your history, in fact they're creators of the modern serbian nationalism and expansionism. Other kings were just obedient serves of Ottomans.
There were many Serbian kings long before the ottomans, you ignorant fuck. Karadjordjevic dynasty was the least important.

The assumption they were serbian kids means they were partly gypsy and partly vlachs, so they cannot be named "white".
Your mother was a gypsy and your father a vlach.

The fact you borrowed such pictures from Tito history book means everything you said is a bullshit.
Actually everything you dumb piece of shit says is bullshit.

So you finally admit serbs had committed ethnic cleansing in Srebrenitsa?
Sadly it's just your judeo-nato kike myth, but I would be happy if it was true and if your beloved muzrats would be cleansed.

Read your history, you exotic freak
I know history very well, Avar. On the other hand, you're the one who needs a serious lesson from it.