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Since the forum opened there was IMO perhaps 50% defectives, jooos, and NKVD types, some with 10,000 posts of nothing b.s. and fighting with White Working men, who just left, or/and just never joined. I did not join at first because the scum POS's that were allowed to post day and night seven days a week!

Excellent men were disgusted enought to pack it in.

As for Charles A. Lindbergh, folding like a house of Cards after Dec. 7, 1941, so did the business men, Senator's and House Representative's that Knew FDR Was a POS criminal, and they were very much against helping the conpsiracy bastards front regime called the USSR IMO. Charles A Lindbergh, could do nothing, the GodFather had made his move with the Dec. 7, 1941 set up. Notice nary a Word of Pearl Harbor this year, all was quiet on the enemy alien regime media.

Douglas MacArthur knew the truth of all the b.s. of WW 1 and 11 I believe.

The general wanted to make Lindbergh a one star on his staff in the Pacific, but he refused as he did NOT want to hurt MacArthurs chances to become president in the future. Remember the enemy Aliens wanted to tri Lindbergh !

The Korean war was launched IMO to keep Douglas OUT of the Whore House in 1952 as it was known in the fall of 1949 that the general was going to resign and prepare for 1952 starting in 1950 and he would have won. Then I honestly believe a Major clean and arrests would have come about along with many deportations!

Douglas MacArthur let FDR have his way and left the Flip Islands FUBARED as Ordered.
Isn't it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most?

We cannot allow the natural passions and prejudices of other peoples
to lead our country to destruction.

-Charles A. Lindbergh

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