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Originally Posted by Greg Johnson
The recent attempt to smear American Renaissance by “linking” it to Arizona spree-killer Jared Lee Loughner was rapidly refuted. On closer examination, the sources were bogus, the liars who concocted the claim scuttled for the wainscoting, and Loughner turned out to be a left-wing nutcase.

But the mere fact that the charge was false does not undo all the damage. (One might argue, however, that the damage will at least be mitigated by the free publicity, some of which will draw new readers to American Renaissance.)

Now Harold Covington’s Northwest Front is being smeared with ominous mutterings that he might be linked to the bomb recently found in Spokane Washington along the route of the MLK Day parade.
I doubt the local authorities in Arizona had ever heard of Jared Taylor or AmRen. There was no reason to pin anything on them, as they had nothing to do with it. Taylor/AmRen is being publicized precisely to channel disgruntled Whites into this particular jewish false flag, the would-be White NAACP.

Probably the same scenario regarding Covington.

You would think that KMac with all his brainpower could figure this out.