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Cale Sparks
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Cale Sparks

"Well, these foundational ideas are all well and good, but how do we get from an intellectual understanding of the foundations of racialist politics to actually gaining political influence and political power? How does that work? How does that take place?"

"The answer is that there are two ways that we can look at being a dissident in society. One way is that we can assume that we are essentially alone. We’re just a small band of people, and our task is to persuade everybody of a whole raft of extremely shocking ideas, ideas that are shocking, ideas that are stigmatized, ideas that they’ve never been exposed to, and if they have been exposed to them they’ve been exposed to them by their enemies. When enemies present our ideas they can put a negative spin on them. When you envision that educational project it becomes very, very daunting. How do we change the way that our whole society thinks?"

The above could have been a discussion among Jews in this country over 100 years ago, as they discussed strategy and tactics for legitimizing that 'whole raft of extremely shocking ideas, ideas that are shocking, ideas that are stigmatized'. Ideas such as persuading whites that niggers were human, that homo-'sex' was an act of pride and that men should be subordinate to female authority.

The solution to challenging the Jews' (up till now) successful rebellion against nature, made possible by theft and bribery, is to expose that rebellion for what it is and its Jewish criminal origins. And to point out that all of history supports independent white racial development, unburdened by nigger zoo-keeping or Jew parasitism.
The personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.
- Hitler

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