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Sam Emerson
Diversity = White Genocide
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Sam Emerson

Originally Posted by Cale Sparks View Post
The solution to challenging the Jews' (up till now) successful rebellion against nature, made possible by theft and bribery, is to expose that rebellion for what it is and its Jewish criminal responsibility. And to point out that all of history supports independent white racial development, unburdened by nigger zoo-keeping or Jew parasitism.
Henry Ford tried but he couldn't keep it up. Any solution must include defenses against the myriad techniques jews use to stop just that sort of thing.

The most interesting point Johnson makes isn't about tactics, though I like the "coming out" analogy and the explanation of geometric growth, it's his hypothesis that our ideas are inherently viral because they're already agreed with by millions of Whites and that millions more would rally to our cause because our ideas are what Whites instinctively want and favor already.