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Scott Clarke

Originally Posted by brutus
RE: Whitefist

It seems to me that your difference of opinion may not come so much from opposing post-jew-world living strategies, but rather come from a personality conflict with Kievsky. A real smart guy would attack the ideas and not the man, because he would realize that most of the WNs here are astute enough to see the difference.

Now I’ll point out some serious flaws in your opinions:

Working for who? The system? Is working for the system the only way to exemplify responsibility? Are you saying that a White man should compromise his core values to feed his family? I think that the jew agree that we should. After all, that’s the lock on the corral gate, isn’t it?

Certainly there are other ways and we should help broaden the horizons of our Brothers and let them know that there are indeed alternatives to system jobs. Surely they will not get any alternative employment ideas from this jew controlled world, therefore it is left up to us to give suggestions in this regard and to provide other choices that White people may not know exist. Here, Kievsky is providing a valuable service and it serves no purpose to besmirch him for that.

Why are you so wedded to the American dream? It's now a jew construct. Of course the lemming who embraces it is sick! And White Nationalism is a reactionary movement in total opposition to this sickness. A sickness, by the way, that is caused by the jew.

I would suggest that the jew-subverted American culture is what’s truly bizarre. It’s loaded with faggots, niggers, muds, whiggers, race traitors, patriotards, junkies and assorted other mental defectives caused by the jew infection. And those who think that White Nationalism is extreme or what! Who cares what a nut in a lock-ward thinks about those of us on the outside?

Our cause is righteous and doesn’t need to be diluted or sugar-coated in order to please the masses who would never join us anyway. That same stupid strategy was employed by the conservative Republicans who allowed the mexicans to invade the country with the hope of gaining votes. The mexicans voted en mass Democrat. The lesson here is that stupid people are more easily controlled by the jew. They are time wasters. WN is not looking for these idiots to be part of this revolutionary movement, we are looking for free thinkers who won't have a problem using force to accomplish our goals.
Meh, leave him alone, Bro. He admitted defeat and lost any credibility he may have had the moment he devolved into throwing insults at Kievsky.
To go on at this point would equate to making fun of the class bully that got smacked around by the freshman in front of the whole school (funny shit, though.) Clearly Mr. Whitefist had been let into Kievsky's circle at some point in time only to be sent packing for God knows what reasons.
So you can see where the hostilities stem from.