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Originally Posted by MacManus
Hmm, I just finished my very first Goyfire (the one with Kievsky) and I thought I'd add a few of my thoughts/reactions to the show, for what it's worth.

I like the idea of growing one's own food. It's a tremendous amount of work, but a worthy task. There was a time when a White man could supply his entire family with a year's worth of food for about four month's work (2 months for planting, and 2 for harvesting/putting up). It would be nice to be able to do that again.

Let's face it, running around all day in this fucking rat-race in order to make a few bucks so we can buy sustenance makes us a slave to the system. Our opposition is all to aware of this and will have ample potential to totally fuck our lives up just by getting us fired. It would be nice to take that away from them.

Personally, I've been experimenting with heirloom seeds, and trying to grow organic gardens. It's super-goddamned hard work but the lessons learned will be worth it. I see heirloom seeds as real exponential growth. From one seed comes many more, sometimes hundreds. The dirty fucking kikes can't control what's in my cellar, like they do with those soon-to-be-worthless federal reserve notes.

I also like the idea of the trade or barter system. It totally circumvents the current system. A friend of mine can now make ethanol with his new still, and I'm working on getting some beehives for honey. Alright, so honey and grain alcohol aren't going to save the white race, but building a White network will, and it has to start somehow, somewhere, sometime.

I'm not a doomsday freak, but I also keep enough freeze-dried food (25 year shelf-life) in the pantry to sustain my family of four for about six months. We would survive through an entire winter if Kroger or Super Wal-Mart fell off the fucking earth tomorrow--most folk would be dead within a month.

Anyway, good show.
You and that precious heirloom seed represent our remnant, up against the powerful, ubiquitous, patented, genetically-altered seed corn of Monsanto. The latter, representing the multinational corporate agribusiness Beast that has the politicians of both political parties, not to mention the courts and "the law," in its pocket, can't prevail in the long run. You stand in its way with your handful of natural seed. Problem is, Monsanto is organized and the remnant is not. Monsanto has the big battalions, but you've still got the seed.

If it's Internet radio that best sounds the alarm to our people to start thinking along the line of self-reliance, like you do, Mr. MaManus, then it has come along just in the nick of time. That medium seems to be finding its legs.

What the enemy hates more than White dissidents, enjoying themselves, freely yacking and yucking it up about niggers and Jews and queers on the 'Net, within earshot of other restless Whites (who can only think such thoughts), is the chance that it will catch on, that we likeminded, determined few will lose our scattered, isolated and marginalized status and find each other, wake up more who think like we talk, working on close patches of soil, together, vigilant, with purpose, having withdrawn our consent to be governed by the Multicultural Beast and forced to plant its tainted seed. One must work to be independent of "the system," as you point out. That's vital. Having food or a valuable skill or product or service in an all-White area make you valuable when someone needs what you have. With bartering, nobody goes hungry. More power to you.

The White Zion example. There's a two-part American Dissident Voices show from around 2003 featuring a talk Dr. Pierce made in 1985, announcing the purchase of land in WV on which he'd like to build a proto-type White Zion. We like order, not disorder; and we like what's natural and normal and beautiful and unadulterated over artificial, abnormal, ugly and defiled. It's a White thing. We enjoy being free to associate only with our own people. We'll keep trying till we get it right. Don't tread on us.