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I've previously posted on aspects of this:

Gaining political power

The Anglosphere - Network civilization


To place the above in context and bring them in line with what's happening across Europe, the situation in Greece etc, the way Europe works needs to be broadly understood.

Apart from Britain, neither Greece, nor the countries in the EU, are independent countries.

We can compare Greece with New York City.
Greece has roughly the same power over their countries and people, as New York City has over New Yorkers.

The EU is the equivalent of the New York State legislature, making the day to day laws for New Yorkers.

Within the EU at the core is the EU commission, much like a merged combination of the party leadership and policy setting bodies of the Republicans and Democrats at state level.

The EU commission in turn receives its instructions from the OSCE, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, based in Austria.

This body is the equivalent of the US congress, and it runs all the countries in Europe at the meta policy level except financially.
It's a UN body, which answers in turn to the UN Security Council, which in turn sits at the core of the UN.
For Europe, the UN Security Council, along with other key bodies, is the equivalent of a combination of the US senate and presidents cabinet.

The EU central bank, like all central banks including the US Federal Reserve, is run from the Bank for International settlements in Basel, Switzerland.
The BIS controls the central banks globally much like the central banks in turn control the non-central banks within their various states.

Global and thus European trade is controlled via the World Trade Organisation

The World Bank makes these loans, and the IMF together with the target country's central bank, set economic and financial policy for countries which take loans from the World Bank.

As collateral for the loans, governments are required to privatise or corporatise state owned infrastructure and utilities, state owned land, as well as natural resources, and rights to mining, water etc.

The controlling shares in these now corporatised institutions are then given to the World Bank as collateral.
The IMF deliberately sets economic requirements which destroy the country's concerned economy, which force the country to allow the World bank to call up the debt, and take complete ownership of these shares as repayment of the debt to the World Bank.

The World Bank in turn sells these shares, rights etc the corporations that own the World bank, which are mostly natural resource corporations, such as mining, oil, water, energy etc. Thus countries no longer control their own natural resources.

The power of the aristocracy in Europe, certainly since the days of Rome, have based their power and incomes on mostly mining and other natural resources, as well as control of trade routes.

The EU financial crisis, is designed to cause these remaining aristocratic families mining etc corporations to go bankrupt, so they and their mining etc rights are taken by the banks/creditors, and they in turn sell them up the chain to the global mining, oil etc corporations, most of which were created by Europe's royal families and the Jews several centuries ago to handle the colonial trading and mining industries.

It is naive in the extreme to think that just because the families that have ruled Europe for millenia in some cases, no longer call themselves kings and dukes etc, that they no longer exist.
It is also naive to think that these families were not able to cross the sea to the US.
They created the US, and many states were created by one or two of these families, which control them to this day.

The families state to the think tanks what they want done.
The think tanks develop the strategy, and then pass it to whoever necessary.

The aristocracy since feudal days in the early 800's have traditionally had one son inherit the bulk of the family fortune, the next son would go into government, which until a century ago meant the church which formed the backbone of the civil service.
Any remaining sons would go into the armed forces.
Where a family was short of sons, it would marry its daughters to sons from other aristocratic families, who would then compensate for the shortfall. Where it lacked money, their sons would marry Jewish bankers and traders daughters.
The Jews would go to these families, and offer to pay them the same amount up front as these families obtained from taxation. the Jews would then be given the right to collect the taxes.

That system still operates to this day, where the federal government/treasury receives money from the Jews via the Federal reserve system, and the Jews then collect their taxes plus profit via the IRS.

Thus for around 1200 years, a tiny group of people have owned all of Europe, and headed its civil service/church and the armed forces.

To give an idea of how few are involved, William the Conqueror in 1066 divided England between roughly 5000 families.
20 percent plus of those families today still own the same land they were given a millenia ago and of course, much more.
They have received the taxes from those lands, as well as controlled/owned most of the companies, church lands etc as well, all this time.

Their fortunes are buried in trusts and banks and mining companies an stock exchanges all over the world. There is no way to measure their wealth.

These families and their equivalents set up the trading companies, armed them with their own troops, and sent them out to
create the colonies, which were their private property.

They also created the thinktanks which set up the various political parties, and develop their policies and run these families estates, which we call states/countries.

They are continually at war with each other, but generally, they kept the non-Whites away, and Whites did progress.

The Jews had constantly been infiltrating the Catholic church which till the renaissance was the largest landowner in Europe, and which formed the civil service.

Europe has had two totally different histories and cultures running parallel and concurrently since the Caesars divided the Roman Empire into the poorer, uneducated Western half run from Rome and Ravenna, and the immensely richer, more densely populated and better educated East, run from Constantinople, founded on the site of the city of Byzantium, dominated by Greeks.

The Romans called it Constantinople, the Greeks preferred to call it by its older name, Byzantium, thus the Byzantine empire.

When Rome fell, only the minor, Western Roman empire fell. It's leading families fled to Constantinople, where they proceeded to continue to rule till the Turks took it in the 1400's.

The Dark Ages after Rome fell in Western Europe, Catholicism etc only affected say a third of Whites.

The other two thirds of Whites lived in Eastern Europe under the continuing Eastern Roman empire, which was brilliant in all respects, till it was taken by the Turks, and became Istanbul.

The White leading families then fled to Western Europe, intermarried with the Western aristocracy, where with their knowledge etc they created the Renaissance, which with the remnants of the Eastern trade routes, led to the colonial age.
They were the ones who brought into Western Europe the maps, funds, expertise etc that were used to explore alternative, non-Muslim controlled routes to the East.

The aristocracy and church i.e. Catholics had kept the people in Europe uneducated to control them, but the influx of Greeks etc and Byzantines and new knowledge led people to ask questions, and break away from the Catholic church. So the Protestant movement and religious wars began, the refugees and prisoners, slaves etc populating the colonies.

Then the Jews decided to make their play and take it all.
They had been kept out of England since the 1200's, so when Cromwell killed Charles 1, they saw their chance.
They broke Cromwell, put in Charles 2, and so began to take over England. The Puritan refugees from these wars became the first Americans.

From England the Jews had a tentative power base, so then started the French and American revolutions, and began to kill off the aristocracy and leadership, and take over their mines, companies. colonies etc.
They then shifted their base to the proto US, and from there could safely run the various German revolutions.
The British aristocracy now realised the value of the Americas, and so proceeded to take it back, financing the north in the US civil war, eventually taking back control in 1865.

The other European aristocratic families e.g. France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland and Eastern Europe and of course Byzantium etc were all involved in the US to a greater or lesser degree, and their battles with each other, their investments etc have kept the US mostly free and independent, and they brought in their peoples and populated it.

Britain and the British had the upper hand until WW1, when the refugees from WW 1 and 2 tipped the scales the other way.

Now none of them have a firm upper hand, as one rises, so the others ally against that one rising, and bring it down again.

With WW1 and 2, even more of the aristocracy fled to the US, settled within various core states each, and have brought their European enmity and alliances with them.

With most of Europe's leading families now in the US, they in turn are now creating the global institutions they need to run their mini empires from the US.

As these relocated families recreate their power bases within the US, they are looking to Central and South America, and now want to split up the Americas between them again, like they split up Europe etc.

They don't think in terms of states, they think of terms of their serfs living on their estates.

The stresses of the conflicts between these families within the US, as well as the new European cultures, together with the ever present Jews who are sand in the engine, and the non White invasion, are splitting up the US.

America has never been free entirely of Europe, but it was mostly free.
Those days are over, and it is now going to become ruled by the same families who rule Europe, ad run the same way they run Europe.

They unite their people via global religious denominations and ethnicity, and within the US, people who in Europe called themselves Italians, Germans etc now have swopped those ethnic identities for religious denominations, which are dominated by the old aristocratic families. As they now organise, so ethnic group identity and power are rising, and the US will in time divide into ethno-religious states, and European states and identities will be recreated within the US, linking back to their core populations in Europe, and so e.g. the English will centre in New England and with parts of Canada, as will the French and the Germans.

So we will see American and European ethnic groups have a state in Europe and a state in the US and use these to support each other across the waters, and so America will be pulled into European affairs, and Europe into American affairs.

That's why I keep saying we must prepare for secession and break up, as they divide the US between them. These people do not play, and in most cases it will be a bloody break up. The entire thing is too complex to continue, and will collapse back into the traditional ethno-nationalist White nations, which were each centred around a couple mega cities.

Many cities today are larger and more powerful than many countries, and we will see the city state become the norm, so need to organise and work within that system and structure as it arrives.

The Jews, whilst not communists themselves, have used communism to make a place for themselves beyond banking, and to start ruling directly, but whilst Jews have the power to bring down governments and other ruling families, they lack the numbers to replace them, so the result is a vaccuum of power, into which WN need to start entering and filling.

A good structure to start with is a thinktank to develop policies and strategies.
A church as a cover organisation to bring people together and build up funds, property etc.
Business improvement districts to provide real power structures and gain economic control.
With these we then have the power to begin to place our people into political positions.
Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.

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